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We get it. The dental office isn't your favorite.

Do you identify with any of these thoughts and feelings?
Spoiler: You're not alone! 9% to 15% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist.
That's between 30 and 40 million people.

I am
Anxious & Fearful

We are pioneers in dental sedation, and our caring team bends over backward to ensure visits are positive.

I’ve Had a
Bad Experience

A bad experience at the dentist as a child or adult can be traumatic. We’re ready to gain your trust back.

My Teeth Aren’t
In the Best of Shape

We’ll never judge or lecture. Our only concern is helping you achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

I can Never
Find the Time

We offer both early and late appointments, and you may even be able to get all treatment done in one visit.

I Can’t
Afford it

We maximize dental insurance and offer an in-house savings plan + financing for those without.

I Hate
All the Noises

Sit back, relax and put on a pair of our noise-cancelling headphones to enjoy music, audiobooks or meditation.

Waiting Rooms
Irk Me

Our reception area is not a “waiting room.” We’ll be standing by, ready to see you promptly and on-time.


We’re gentle and always handle you with care. We don’t want you to feel anything... even an injection.

Tell us a little more about your reservations.

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